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So let’s start off today with another headshot from the session last weekend. Didn’t I tell you there were a lot?

Musician headshot by David Bickley Photography

I think the headshot is one of the biggest reasons I love photography. It’s my chance to help the subject sell themselves. Sometimes all a prospective client will see of the talent is this one photo. It has to get the job done, and that’s a pressure that I really enjoy.

So, the big news I mentioned yesterday…

Sokah the magnificent

Sokah is back home again! For those of you that weren’t around before (of just don’t remember) my dog was sick to the point that I could no longer take care of him several months ago. He was losing weight and not looking like he would make it, so I had to decide between keeping him and letting him wither away, or giving him up and hoping for the best.

Well, the folks over at Arbor Creek Animal Hospital did something amazing and offered to do what they could and agreed to let him come home once he was out of the woods.  That was today!

He’s still very thin, but all of the other issues seem to have been resolved and we’re hoping that he starts to put some weight on soon.

The cat is not happy about this recent development.

See you tomorrow,