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Hey everyone, got another shot of Charles for you today.

Charles Melton for David Bickley Photography

I know a lot of you are familiar with my love for Halloween and as a result I’ve been asked countless times what my plans were for this year. Well, I’m finally ready to post a shot of this year’s make-up.


Halloween 2010 by David Bickley

Generally I’ll plan a whole character out and make a costume too, but this year I didn’t. Instead I threw on the make-up that you see above and lurked around downtown scaring the crap out of everyone in blue jeans and a white shirt.

Maybe not the most creative thing, but really…who expects a demon in a dress shirt? Isn’t the incongruity all the scarier?

I’ve gotta run, I’m due in Tulsa tomorrow and it’s going to be a boring drive.

See you tomorrow,