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I’m sure most of you are familiar with the series of images I did a while back with the girls in white sheets and a kind of “lazy day” vibe.  Maybe, you noticed that it just kinda disappeared too. Well, I nixed that series because I felt like it cheapened the moments that I felt I was essentially “practicing” for. They were intended to show the feeling you get on the days that you just lounge around with whomever it is that you’ve let become that close to you.

Those moments where life is perfect.

Manufacturing that feeling never did it justice, so I stopped trying and waited for my muse to show up.


She did. Today I finally get to call her mine and you get to meet her. Because now the feeling exists on it’s own.

The internet just went “awwwwww.”

I know.

I’m sappier than I look. Well, maybe not right now because the beard hasn’t grown all the way back in yet from Halloween.

See you tomorrow,