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Today’s photo is obviously of Sokah, my dog….but, there’s a specific reason we’re looking at him today and it’s not just because I like the image.


No, we’re looking at Sokah because he’s central to the elaborate mystery that was just cracked wide open last night.

Over the past couple of weeks some strange things have been taking place in my backyard. It started with a few unexplained socks (or remnants of socks) being found when I go to give him breakfast. I assumed they were under the porch or something and I just never noticed. Then a few days later I find a bowl. It looks old and dirty, so again I assume he found it during the course of the night in some place I hadn’t noticed.

A few more days go by.

I’m outside playing with him as usual while I break from working on images and when play time is over I head back in. I’m downstairs working for maybe a half hour when I need to head up to the kitchen to grab a drink. As I pass the window to the back yard something doesn’t quite click in my peripheral. I open the back door and find myself staring at a backyard full of yellow mattress pad foam, black duct tape, 2 sweatshirts, and cardboard. Not to mention a makeshift concrete “bed frame” that had been constructed on my deck.

I’m baffled at this. I can’t assume anymore that Sokah is just discovering things to entertain himself with, he doesn’t know how to build a bed.

At this point I’m guessing it’s the neighborhood kids, and it’s kinda sweet that they built him a bed even if he’d never use it. A few more days go by…

I go out to feed Sokah yesterday morning and notice that my yard isn’t quite right, and he’s acting weirder than usual. After looking around for a minute I notice that there aren’t many giant “items of waste” to be picked up, but that his loose stools have come back in full force. The gate of my fence had also been unlocked from the inside.

I realize that may be something you don’t care to know, but it’s relevant given the fact that his inability to digest food was why I almost lost him in the first place.

Immediately I knew that someone had been feeding him things outside of what the vet says he’s allowed to eat. Still assuming it was the neighborhood kids, I kept a close eye on the backyard all day…nothing. Not one single thing happened.

Until that evening while my cuter half was over.

She’s outside playing with Sokah (trying to get him to respect her), when he bolts for a corner of the fence that has a hole in it. A bowl gets shoved through the hole and a figure dressed in all black starts walking away from my fence. She called out to the person but they didn’t stop so she came and got me. Obviously not happy about what happened I throw my coat on and head outside to track this person down.

We end up knocking on the front door of the person’s house. An emaciated old woman answers the door in her dog-feeding ninja garb (seriously dressed in all black with a hoodie). She admits to everything and tells me how she is suicidal and feeding my dog may have saved her life and all sorts of other fun facts. I still don’t know if she understood me when I told her that feeding my dog whatever she felt like was actually killing him.

So basically, a crazy million year old ninja woman has been breaking into my back yard and doing whatever she feels like with my dog.

Is there anything about this that might seem ok, or normal to anyone?

Anyway, we’re St. Louis bound tonight. I’m almost afraid that I’m going to come home and Sokah will have and aluminum foil hat to stabilize his digestion.

Who the hell knows.

See you tomorrow,