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In keeping with posting stuff that I’m finally allowed to post…here’s a portrait taken for Kansas City Magazine of a contributing writer, Christian Hankel.

Christian Hankel for Kansas City Magazine - Photographed by David Bickley Photography

A lot of time has passed since I snapped that frame. In fact looking at the image data, it was shot in January of this year. Two days after I met Lyssa for the first time. Weird.

It’s funny to me how events aren’t generally at the front of our thoughts until we see something that forces us to recall them. I had forgotten about this image entirely, but looking at it I can tell you ever detail about it…like the fact that we had to wing the location because of scheduling conflicts. We ended up shooting at the Record Bar downtown around 10pm, and I ran into an old friend that was playing there that night.

However, if anyone had asked me about it without me seeing the shot I took…I wouldn’t have remembered so much, if anything at all about it.

Seems odd.

See you tomorrow,