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I’ve been tossing around options for what is going to happen when we hit day 365 on here for a while now and I suppose I should just bounce the big question off of you, my faithful audience.

Would you prefer that I keep writing along with the images, or would you prefer that the daily post be confined to photos and that I make separate posts when I have something to talk about?

The daily posts will continue regardless, so no worries there. The question is more about how you want to see them presented. We’re coming up on the time to make a few changes to the way things work on this site and as fans I feel like you should be the deciding factor in many of those changes. So speak up and make your voices heard.


Today’s photo is my cuter half. I just can’t seem to stop looking at her, you know? I’m one lucky David Bickley, just sayin’.

See you tomorrow,