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It’s been a little while since I posted anything in the fitness genre hasn’t it?

Micah Lacerte and Diana Chaloux for David Bickley Photography

More often than not the fitness images you all see from me are less commercial and more geared toward developing the portfolios of the clients that hire me. I’m sure I’ve explained before what the difference is in the thought process for the two types of work. In portfolio work we are trying to sell the model, in commercial work we are selling a product or service.

Rather than ask the obvious and leading question of “which do you think the above image is” I’ll just tell you…it’s commercial. It could be used to sell the equipment or a personal training service.

As photographers it’s important to business that an image be able to fill several needs without having to change much, if anything. Once an image is taken it’s ideal if it can be used for several different things. The more diverse it’s uses, the more chance that it will sell well.

There’s my spontaneous business lesson for today.

See you tomorrow,