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I know I’m a tad late on today’s image, but it’s been an eventful and wonderfully musical day.

Kansas City Symphony Associate Conductor Steven Jarvi, photographed by David Bickley Photography

I mentioned a few days ago that I would be photographing another of the Kansas City Symphony’s performances at the Lyric Opera House today. Last time I photographed the whole symphony it was at a dress rehearsal, today I was asked to shoot the live concert. The image above is of Associate Conductor Steven Jarvi. Sure, it’s a little more limiting, I can’t run around squeezing myself into the right positions as freely…but it’s even more amazing to be there in this situation.

The energy is different.

The performers feed off of the crowd. Sure it’s a symphony, and that means the audience is quiet…but it’s still there, and I love it.

I’m sure I’ll post more from tonight as the week progresses. There are plenty of great ones to show you. For now though, I’m off to sleep.

See you tomorrow,