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It seems like today should be a picture of a gun…a .357 magnum. Get it?

Ok ok, dumb joke.

Chris Thomas King by David Bickley Photography

Today’s shot is a reprocess of an image that’s actually a few years old. The program I use to process all the images from my camera recently released a new version that is amazing at reducing image noise from low light shots. Since sometimes you just don’t have a choice but to shoot in less than favorable light, this is an amazing improvement. Back when I shot this I was using cameras that while at the top of their class in any other situation, were very bad with low light and digital noise.

Chris Thomas King is one of my favorite musicians and I kept these shots around waiting for the day that technology was able to correct the issues that cropped up that day so the images would be better than they were when I was commissioned to take them. Don’t me wrong, they were still good shots and the client loved them…but I’m a perfectionist, even years later.

If you don’t know who Chris Thomas King is, maybe you’ll recognize this:

See you tomorrow,