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Maybe you could tell by the fact that I shoot so many portraits, but I love people.

A Photo Guy at the Photo Store

I love face, personalities, emotions, stories, lives…all of it. Each individual is so unique, and at the same time so very similar. There is something so pure about a good portrait too, something completely revealing. I think (I know) that’s why so many people are hesitant to get in front of a camera. It’s vulnerable.

It’s our responsibility and privilege as photographers to respect that and ease whatever stress comes with a session for our clients. Most people don’t realize that being a photographer is in many ways similar to being a hair stylist…which is similar to being a therapist. We get to see people for who they really are, that’s an honor that I feel gets less respect than it deserves in this field.

I’ll end the rant before it starts and just say thank you to all of the people that have trusted me with that privilege so far, and all of you that will in the years to come.

See you tomorrow,