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You may be asking yourself why there’s a photo of a pencil for today’s image.


Well, it’s because a photo of web code would be even worse. That’s basically what’s been occupying my mind for the entire week, only to be interrupted by the faintest “wtf” moment when I looked outside and saw snow last night. I thought we had escaped it, but noooo. I heard on the radio this morning that there’s a 100% chance of snow tonight too.

When it’s a 100% chance, is it really a chance at all? Can’t they just say…”Hey, it’s gonna snow. Thought you should know.” I mean that would be easier, right?

Maybe I’m just bitter cause I know I’m gonna be freezing tomorrow, I can accept that. Which brings me to the actual reason for the photo today. I’m going to spend all day tomorrow writing out my plan for the year. If you know me, you know that this may signal the coming of the apocalypse. Let’s hope not.

That being said…

See you tomorrow, unless I start the apocalypse.