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After 10 minutes of trying to think of a clever way to open today’s post…I have nothing.

But I do have a shot for today!

Meet Micki.

We had a session today for her upcoming pageant and figure events. I love working with people that are passionate about what they want to do. It fuels me, you know? When you’re fighting to get to a goal there’s an air of hunger around you. When you’re just a few weeks out from a fitness competition, there’s an actual hunger there too. Not what I’m talking about though.

Anyway, I guess what I mean is that when I’m around people that are driven, it drives me further. I love that.

Tomorrow is the actual final shoot for the MMA site I’ve been working with. The last final day was cancelled due to crazy midwest weather.

Barring another blizzard, that’s what I’m up to tomorrow so who knows what kind of shot you’ll get to see!

Talk to you then,