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Hey hey! Last night’s shoot ended up going great even with as quickly as everything was thrown together. I can’t show you those yet though but, I do want to show off another shot of Emily.

A lot of what I do in both my personal and professional life centers around fitness in some aspect. I’m not a fitness expert by any means but, while we were shooting in the gym a few of the girls there working out brought up a big point that they didn’t realize was a misconception.

Ladies, it takes a lot of seriously focused effort to get a figure like Emily’s or Diana’s. Lifting weights will not instantly transform you into a bodybuilder. It will help you attain your goals of losing weight though.

Like I said way back at the beginning of the year, if you have a goal that you need help reaching. Shoot me a message, chances are good that I point you towards the people that can help you get where you want to be.

I know that’s all completely off the topic of photography but whatever…helping people get where they want to be is something that I love.

I’m out for now, see you tomorrow.