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Good morning! I decided to get an early start and put today’s post up before I buckled down and really got to work.

Today’s photo is another of Kelechi Opara.

I know you all come here to see the photography, not to read me ramble on and on but I realized something today and I figured I should share it. Mainly because it involves you.

It dawned on me this morning that more often than not we are held back in life by the perceptions we have of ourselves, and the fears we have of the world.

Maybe this is obvious to you. Maybe not.

For example: I know that there are a lot of you out there that won’t allow yourselves to step in front of a camera because there is something about you that you aren’t happy with.

Or maybe you won’t let yourself leave a job to pursue a passion.

When I first started in photography I was afraid that I would never be good enough. That belief crippled me for a long time and made me stagnant. I doubted that I could make my dream happen, you know? Truth be told, some days I still feel like that. Then I post another image and you all help me remember that I can.

I think more often than not we are held back from the wonders of life by the fears we hold on to so dearly. Fear is there to keep us safe from pain. That’s it’s job, and it does it well. I guess my point is this…If we live our lives constantly avoiding the potentially painful or difficult things that might happen if we take a chance…can we ever find happiness?

I don’t think so, not the real deal. We may be content, but I think joy is beyond the reach of the content.

Isn’t it worth the risk of a little pain if you might end up with everything you’ve ever wanted?

To me it is.

See you tomorrow,