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I know, I know…today’s shot is very similar to another one I posted a while back. Some friends of mine liked it so much that they asked me to do something like it with them. And here it is:

I usually don’t explain the meaning behind my work, but I’ve recieved a lot of questions about how I came up with the first one. I figure there is no harm in giving you all my take on it.

To me, the image is the very definition of a man supporting his love, lifting her above everything else in his life, carrying the weight of her life when she can’t bear it on her own. It represents what I feel each member of a relationship should strive to do. Not to shoulder-press your significant other but to raise them up beyond yourself. I believe that relationships between mutually independent people are the most successful, but even with that, there is always a time when one must give up independence to support, or be supported by the other…to me this represents that time.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

Talk to you tomorrow,