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I can’t believe how expensive saffron is. Sheeeesh! I decided to try something out today and marinated chicken in Pernod, olive oil and saffron. Let is sit overnight, and whipped it up with tomatoes and shallots. Was pretty good, but man…when you consider the cost of the Pernod and the saffron…I could have binged at any sushi restaurant in town!

C’est la vie.

I love to cook, but I think I’ll stick to burgers and steaks and leave the rest to the pros.

Back to what I’m meant to do.

I want to give the BBA guys some photo attention for the next couple of days. They gave me such a variety that I’m still not done with working the images. I love that because it let’s me play and really explore everything the set can be.

Often times people will limit themselves to one look or idea and refuse to step outside of that mental cage. When you step into a shoot with a blank slate, everything is a surprise and for me…I don’t know, I guess it lets the muse do her work uninhibited by my hand.

Anyway…I’m off, I’m out, I’m blowin’ this popsicle stand.