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Figured I’d open with the image today instead of blabbering on beforehand.

I find myself moving a little slow today. Haven’t really wanted to do much of anything. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve still gotten a lot of work done, but it’s been tough today cause I have a lot on my mind.

I’ve always been open with you all and I won’t make an exception now. Sokah (my dog) is going to find a new home tomorrow. If you’ve been following along for a while then you know that he’s been sick basically since I got him nearly a year ago. I hit a wall where I just can’t do anything else for him. The last of the options I’m aware of is simply too expensive for me to be able to do. If I could, I absolutely would because to me he’s very obviously worth every dime I have. I’ve lived pretty meager this whole time I’ve been trying to get him better. Last month I got him on the waiting list at a local “no-kill” shelter (ironically, the same one I adopted him from) and tomorrow we go in.

The shot above was taken by my friend Hannah and is the only photo I have of he and I. The one downside to being a photographer…you’re rarely on the business end of a camera.

They made it clear to me that he may get put down if they can’t help him. In my eyes though, he’s 20lbs underweight already and not improving (although he’s not lacking for energy). The vet says 15 more and he’s gone. Nothing we do is working. I figure the shelter is his best hope because if he stays with me he’s not going to have a chance…at least this way he has some. You know?

Tomorrow is going to suck. No matter how much I know it’s the right course of action…it just sucks. So, if you live in KC and are interested in taking on an amazing dog with special needs…he’ll be at Wayside Waifs tomorrow afternoon. If you can help him and want to give him a home, that’s where he’ll be…or you can give me a call before our appointment at 1pm.

Going to get some sleep now.

See you tomorrow,