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I can’t count the number of odd looks I’ve gotten in the past couple of days.

I’ve decided to try to fast for seven days, a water fast at that. So (for those of you that don’ t know) what that means is that I won’t ingest anything other than water for seven days and nights. I am not doing this for anything other than the fact that I want to know if I can, maybe find some enlightenment along the way. From what I hear there are a lot of health benefits to doing this.

Those of you that know me already know how much food I generally pack away in this 184 lbs. so you already know that this is no small undertaking.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is 3 hours into day one and I think my stomach knows what I plan to do. I never eat breakfast, ever…yet I wake up this morning already hungry. My stomach is rebelling.

I am going to keep writing entries each day of this self-imposed challenge, so um…keep checking in on me, just incase my stomach decides to digest my brain.