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Well, it’s sure not easy to focus at the moment. It’s just past lunch time and it occurs to me that I’d probably drink ketchup right now if I would let myself. It’s amazing to me how ill informed people are about what the body needs to survive. Someone said “you’re crazy, you can’t go more than 5 days without food, you’ll die.” The body can live for a couple months at least before that happens. I am beginning to understand that many people who are fasting tend to keep it to themselves. It’s very difficult to maintain with everyone telling you that you’ll fail. I know I can do this, but I do have a concern. We have plans to go to a waterpark on Saturday, and we can’t really cancel that. So I’m not sure what to do in that regard. I’ve thought about shortening the length of the fast, but I don’t want to go back on what I’ve set out to do. If I can keep to both of these commitments that would be ideal, but if I end up having to choose, I guess I might have to break down and drink some juice or something. Either way, I still won’t eat again until the morning of the 20th. By the way, here’s a photo for you.

And also, congrats to Michael Phelps on such an awesome achievement. It seems like world records are broken pretty consistently which is awesome because it means that people are steadily getting stronger and faster. To win that many golds though…wow dude, just wow.