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So, I’m half way through day 3 of my water fast. I hope that what people are saying about it getting easier after the third day is true. I have to say, today is the day I really feel like I’m going to fail at this. I woke up at 3am last night and wasn’t able to sleep again until 5am. Granted I was able to get some reading done, but I would have much rather been sleeping. It is much more difficult than I thought, God only knows why I had it in my head that going 7 days without anything but water would be an easy thing to do. On the upside I haven’t had any feeling of real physical weakness yet. I am more prone to getting lightheaded if I stand up too fast, but that is about the extent of it. I notice that I mess up typing a lot more than normal now, and I speak in much softer tones than I did monday (the day before I started). Something that is very strange to me is the fact that I can feel my heartbeat across every inch of me. It feels like my whole body is pulsing, quite surreal. I attribute it to my heart being hard at work ridding my body of all the junk that has accumulated in my body over the past 24 years. Overall, I’m still doing ok, just struggling a lot with the temptation and desire to eat. I’m still in the game though, and that is something in itself.