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I had some juice last night. Technically that means I failed at my water fast. I couldn’t sleep last night, my joints ached too bad so I buckled. I wanted to eat, but Heather stopped me, just like I asked her to. I drank half a glass of OJ & soymilk, and some lemon water. None of that sounds appetizing I’m sure, but it did the trick and was delicious. Today, I am back on water alone. I still didn’t get a ton of sleep last night due to the aches (I woke up at 4am this time instead of 3am) but I was able to get right back to sleep and stayed that way until about 6:30. Tomorrow is the day we go to the water park. I’m nervous about that one. I’ve been trying to save up all of my energy for it, but as I’m sure you know the sun can really zap your energy levels when you’re out in it all day. Plus the exertion of swimming. Either way, I’m still doing it and I’m still not eating. I’m halfway through now. Gotta stick with it.