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Feeling a bit better this morning, which is great considering that we are going to a water park for a few hours. Still not sleeping solidly through the night and I’m getting tired of that (no pun intended). I think last night was the turning point. We went to see Tropic Thunder, which is pretty friggin hysterical by the way. When we left the theatre the plan was to go over to a friends house and hang for a bit. Before landing there i needed to stop by the grocery store for some water. I know that sounds yuppie-ish, but if you had ever tasted Columbia tap water you would agree that not only does it smell like public pool water, but it probably capable of dissolving human flesh as well. Anyway, I get my water, and some juice because Heather is afraid that it is dangerous to go swimming in the hot sun all day with the low levels of energy that I have had subsisting on water alone. I’m not in any hurry to pass out, or drown from exhaustion, and i don’t want her to worry so…juice it is. For today. The long and short of all of this is that last night I got this water called “Smart Water,” mainly because they didn’t have distilled at the store, but also because of the neat bottle (I am a smart consumer). Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know what “electrolytes” are, but i do know that this water has them and after a few swigs my energy level was amazing. I haven’t been sluggish, or felt wiped out since. So, my mental note for next time I do this…Smart Water is where it’s at.