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My last full day of not eating is almost at an end. Yesterday, I did end up needing to resort to juice to maintain my energy at the water park. I finally slept a full night, the first one since the first day fasting. As it stands right now I weigh about 163. I started this at 180-182. So yeah, a loss of about 20 pounds in a week. I wasn’t overweight when I started this, and I guess I’m certainly not now. We’ll see how my body reacts as I slowly reintroduce it to eating. Tomorrow at 5pm I get to eat again. From what I hear I need to start slowly, so I’m going with one orange. Out of control right? One whole orange. HA! It seems a bit silly to me to be limited to one orange, but I don’t want my stomach to flip out and explode from my torso like in Alien. If I can avoid that, and keep the health benefits of the fast by sticking to super light meals for a couple days that’s no problem.  After all, any food would be amazing right know, even if it were a single cashew. Anyway folks, I’m going to wrap this up and go catch a movie. All the best, David