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Ladies and gentlemen, let me just say this: You don’t know bliss until you experience a single slice of pita bread and roasted red pepper hummus after 7 days of not eating, and realizing that your stomach had no problem handling the orange I ate over the course of 4 hours. So, did I make any significant self-discoveries? Well, yes in a way. I learned that I can indeed survive on no food for a week. On a less obvious note, I have learned that I do indeed still have a good amount of patience for things. I had been worried that I was becoming more impatient as I got older, which seems to be the opposite of what should happen. I waited a nice long time to eat, and I understand now that there are some much more important things in life than whether or not an appointment is on time. What really matters is whether or not that appointment brings lunch with them. Ha! In all seriousness though, as difficult as it was to do, it was well worth the effort. I feel great about myself, and many many other things. All the best, David