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It was right in front of me the whole time. Sokah, a name I made up a long time ago…for a wolf, oddly enough.


We’re in the last days of week #2 and he’s doing great. Though, he is the only puppy I’ve ever seen that learned how to heel before learning not to pee in the house. I suppose I understand how that’s happened, I mean we do spend substantially more time walking than peeing. Thank God.

His food aggression issues are getting better by far, not completely gone but definitely better.

I thought I would hate getting up at 5:30 to take him for a morning walk. While it would be substantially easier if I would get a good night’s sleep, I really enjoy those times. Same for when I come home. Especially since that’s when he gets to meet the other neighborhood dogs. I wish I could give him a constant playmate like he would have had were Otto still around. Right now that’s just not possible though. I am taking him to the vet this weekend so I can make sure he’s healthy before I take him to the dog parks.

He’s changed a lot in the time that I’ve had him. The most obvious being his physical changes. He’s gained about 5 pounds and his topcoat has started coming in so he’s getting much darker.

Last week:


This morning:


Much much darker. No tricks of light either, he’s just that different.

I hope you can all forgive me for the quality of these photos. I know I’m supposed to be the pro and all, but we take snapshots too. 😉

I’m still working hard at exposing him to new things/people/animals. The last thing he needs is to become an 80 pound dog that is afraid of everything. That just leads to fear biting, and that leads to someone getting hurt.

Anyway, as I get him more well trained I’ll be able to grab better shots but for now…yeah right, I’m lucky he’s not a blurry grey streak.

Ciao for now.