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My favorite holiday has come and gone once again, and once again I am a total Halloween geek. Usually I have a big plan for my costume, but this year just wasn’t clicking for me and my costume efforts.  Originally I was going to do Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight, but given the fact that everyone on Earth was going to do that… I ended up recycling an old facial appliance mold from a few years ago and going with a different color scheme.

For the record, given the lack of planning this year, I couldn’t begin to tell you what I am supposed to be.

Behold the super scary “front door” background….OOoOOooOoooOoh.

Even with the complete absence of thought behind the character I still think it worked out ok. The great thing about foam latex facial appliances is that if you take good care of them, they have the potential to last for several uses. This one made it through three of the last five years. It probably would have lasted longer but I threw it out because I hate reusing ideas.

So the devil-faced-imp-thing is dead now, never to be seen again.

Now I have to go clean up the mess I made last night while I was getting ready.

Have a great saturday!