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Hello readers, sorry for the brief sabbatical from blogging. I went home to Kansas City this weekend to hang out with family. Always good times. Had a few surprises while I was out there. One being the fact that Obama came to town, that was kinda cool. I didn’t bring my press pass home with me cause, well, who knew I would need to?

So I ended up standing as a member of the general public way back in the very rear of the sea of onlookers.

Since I couldn’t see anything, I decided to spend my time looking for the police snipers that were stationed all over the place. These were the closest:

It was still pretty interesting, even if I wasn’t able to see the candidate. I’ve never gone to one of these things before. You couldn’t walk five feet without someone trying to sell you an Obama t-shirt.

Over the weekend I also had an extremely brief photo shoot with a model from Springfield, Kayli. It was brief due to some personal issues in the life of the model that restricted our time. We rescheduled for this coming weekend so hopefully there will be more to show you then.

Right before the shoot with Kayli, I came across a fire hydrant blasting water everywhere.

To me it looks like the Yield Sign mouthed off one too many times and the Hydrant finally snapped.

Ooops, looks like I need to wrap this up, I have to head out here in a few minutes.

The last thing I want to show you before I go is a battle of a smaller scale. I didn’t have my macro lens so this was about as close as I could get:

That is a praying mantis devouring a meadow katydid (or meadow grasshopper) face first.


Enjoy your day!