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I was so rushed last time I posted that I completely forgot a couple of images.

Sokah the Hopeful

Now that I have a few minutes I can actually post up a real update too!

Over the past month a lot of things have happened with him. First off, he’s doubled in size. I took him to the vet in early May and found out he was riddled with parasites from the shelter so he was on meds for about 3 weeks to take care of all of that. He’s a bit underweight still, but I’m guessing that it has a lot to do with how fast he’s growing. It seems like his weight just can’t keep up with his bones yet.

Sokah the Watchful

He started losing his puppy teeth last week. I was giddy, and so was my skin (I’m kidding, he doesn’t bite me…ever). I am hoping that his chew toys might last a bit longer now though.

Overall, he’s doing great even if I can’t spend as much time with him as I’d like. He’s training well, and his puppy retardation is starting to diminish. Awesome.

In photo news, I have a new shoot set up for Sunday, so be on the lookout for photos of humans very soon.

Hope all is well with you!