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When I was growing up I had a series of books full of animals. “The Wildlife Fact File” was what it was called. In the next 20 years, many of those animals may be gone. We are facing a point in history where our children face a very real possibility of living in a world devoid of biodiversity.

We are not disconnected from our environment, we are not above it. We are a part of it. As humans, we are responsible for it. The sad fact is that for centuries we have obliterated our environments to make way for “progress”. Now we see the damage, and something must be done because we’re running out of time.

The number of oceanic dead-zones is on the rise. Many places on Earth have become toxic that were beautiful and full of life just 20 years prior. Commercial loggers devastate acres upon acres of vital, oxygen producing, Co2 processing rain forests.

News about global warming is everywhere, but many people either underestimate it’s impact, many more simply don’t understand it. There are even those that completely discredit the idea that we impact the planet and it’s environment. Maybe you are one of those people. I am not well versed enough to counter your arguments but, what I can say is this. Everyone can benefit from living greener, everyone can live a little freer without having to pay $3-$5-$8 per gallon for fossil fuel.

Global warming is an urgent, but solvable problem. I’ve recently joined the “We Campaign”, a powerful nonpartisan movement of concerned citizens that was founded by Nobel Prize Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore. We’re already a million strong — and growing each day.

Visit this site to learn more and add your voice:

Sign up, take a stand. This isn’t an issue we can afford to lose on. Our world is too precious, and it’s the only one we have.

The We Campaign is working to ensure that elected leaders make the climate crisis a priority. Visit: Here, you can learn about solutions to global warming, take action steps and even find events happening in your community. Although it’s not too late, global warming is very serious and there is no time to lose. So please don’t wait any longer to get involved – sign up today:

Together, we can solve the climate crisis.

Thank you for reading,

David Bickley