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What a cool couple. Let me just start there. After some unsavory weather on our first session the skies cleared up and gave us a beautiful day to capture these two.

I think I am pretty solidly against posing people in photo sessions like these. Posed photos just never seem to convey the same chemistry as an image where you just let people be themselves.

That doesn’t mean I won’t do a little directing. Let’s face it, the average person is not a professional model and even if they were, professional models still need direction.

It just means that I won’t interfere and try to control a situation that really shouldn’t be controlled.

I may be completely off base here, but stepping back and letting something unfold is an idea that I think a lot of photographers ignore. Which is unfortunate because I feel that  the images are so much more powerful if you don’t plan them.

Clients like Jason and Jennifer, most of the people that come to me actually, are looking for someone that will do that for them.

Anymore when people sit down to talk with me about doing their wedding photography I hear something like “we don’t really want all that posey stuff.”

The great thing about that is how much simpler it is to capture a relationship this way. Jason and Jennifer didn’t forget I was there completely, but there were several times when it came close. Those are the times I wait for.

Those are the times that are real.