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What a weekend. Otto is the newest official family member now and as promised, I have some photos.


I forgot to take my camera with me while we were outside. Ooops. It worked out better that way in the end though. Otto is a very intelligent dog (as I believe most of them are) but his fearful nature is a major obstacle.

I know I can change that as I’m able to work with him on a daily basis. So far that seems like it will be the hardest part of training him. More than anything, training the people that he will be around will beĀ  a bigger challenge.


Given that today is the day he doesn’t get to go back home to his previous owner, I’m sure it’s especially tough on him.

Anyway, so that’s today’s news.

OH, and the Central Missouri Humane Society is now #4 in the contest on that I told you about in my last post!

How awesome is that?