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I’m getting a new dog.

You may remember reading about Otto a few months ago. Well, due to the circumstances that I alluded to in my “hey I’m not dead” post, Otto is no longer mine. Since I have no idea if I’ll ever get to have him back in my home…I’ve decided to adopt another dog.

He doesn’t have a name yet , and I won’t actually have him for a few more days while he’s getting his shots and stuff.

Kind of neat how I came across him though.

I spent most of Thursday night on petfinder looking to see who was adoptable in the area, and I found two, one was an Akita mix, and the other was a Husky mix. I went to meet the Akita that night, he was a good dog, but we just didn’t click. I called up Wayside Waifs (the shelter with the husky). They were closed in preparation for a big adoption event happening this weekend. So I went up to on friday at about 6am.

When I was walking around the shelter I couldn’t find Maizie, the dog I had come to see. On asking about her I found out that she had a litter and wouldn’t be available for the next 8 weeks.


As I was turning to leave though, I saw this other dog and knew right away he was the one, but the staff told me he wasn’t available either with no reason as to why.

Sad again.

I went to my office to start my work day, but couldn’t get this puppy out of my mind and decided to head back up there over lunch. Turns out he wasn’t available because a staff member thought she might want him. I said, ok well let me know cause I want this dog.

I got a call an hour later saying he was mine.


I went up there this morning to play with him and make sure we were right for each other. We bonded right away. Now he’s getting his shots and getting neutered and I get to pick him up on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I forgot to take my camera so the best shot I could get on my crappy phone is this one:


Not great, I know…but I’ll make up for it soon. Eventually you will get tired of seeing photos of this dog.

I’m super excited. If any of you readers in the KC area have dogs, he’s only 2 months old or so and will need plenty of socialization with other dogs so get hold of me and we can do the whole “puppy play time” thing.