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So how much of a blog slacker am I?


Sorry peeps.

2008 is over, I won’t say anything like “thank God” because while the year kinda sucked (deaths, lack o’ jobs, common struggles) I am more than blessed in the quality of the life I lead. I have a strong family and a steady paycheck. All is well.

I’m still entering ’09 with some trepedation though. “Times is ‘ard” and I have some big plans that I need to get moving on. Given that a lot of people read this thing, as usual I have to stay tight lipped for now. The biggest of my plans will happen in the next 3 months though.

So let’s go over my obligatory ’09 resolutions:

1.) Reach Shodan in Go. (an ancient game that I have an intense love for) And finally buy a nice goban no matter how much it conflicts with my environmental beliefs.

2.) Move.

3.) Double my business from 2008.

4.) Save 30% of my income.

5.) Commit at least one hour a day to each of my endeavors.

I think the last will be the hardest by far, because it includes the blog. I obviously struggle with this one pretty consistently.

Within the next couple of days I will be posting about a wedding I shot on the 3rd so keep your eyes out. For now, I have to run and continue to play catch-up from my week long retreat from working.