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Ninja Duck

Today, I leave the office briefly and who is waiting for me when I get back? Yeah, you guessed it. Ninja Duck is waiting.

I am part of a “secret pal” holiday practice this year. Apparently my “pal” is a super spy. In an office of no more than ten people this person has managed to slip by me undetected, and left a foe waiting in the darkness.

When I turn on the lights upon my return, a black blob of fury and steel is on me in a flash. Blinded by ninja magic I somehow break free, searching for something to defend myself as blow after feathery blow lands with lethal precision. My hands grasp a familiar handle as I thank God for the NERF arsenal by my desk (next to the candy canes). Ninja Duck leaps at me again, I turn and fire vainly as he slices my dart in half. He tackles me and we crash through the wall, landing me on my back with Ninja Duck at my throat. He pins me and grins as he draws his sword for the final blow.


Ninja Duck staggers…

I look down at the empty chamber of my NERF Magnum, not realizing I fired the shots.

The event sinks in and I look to the corner to find my foe reeling as he pulls the suction-cup darts from his sweaty injection-molded forehead with one hand, while the other waves the white flag.

I’m bruised, and there may be scars, but Ninja Duck has surrendered and agreed to be my bodyguard from now on.

David Bickley, Professional Photographer / Ninja Duck tamer