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It’s always nice when your plans work out the way you want them to. It has bothered me for a long time that many of my ideas are hindered by the lack of certain pieces of equipment. The biggest of these is that it is very difficult to put together a quick location shoot without portable power.  So last month I made some plans to take care of this issue once and for all, using my favorite interstellar photography supplier – Alien Bees.

I would have loved to go with some new ProFoto heads, and someday I will but right now, when I need to stretch the moolah…well, you get the drift. Anyway, so I made my order monday and somehow it go here today without me paying extra for fast shipping. Very nice. I wasn’t expecting it though, I had an event to attend for a good portion of the evening so when I got home at 8pm I was a bit shocked to see a mountain of boxes at my door.  What was in them?  Behold:

Three of the strobes in that box were already mine, but the case and surrounding gear is all new. My God I needed a new case. It was beyond annoying to carry massive amounts of equipment onto a location piece by heavy piece.

I ended up getting that case, a couple of snoots, a second 40″x60″ gridded softbox, a 22″ Beauty Dish, the ABR800 Ringflash, and a Vagabond II battery pack. Oddly enough, part of my goal here was to consolidate my gear and hopefully take up less space. Why I thought that would work when I was getting more stuff I have no idea.

There is a mountain of cardboard in my living room now and I haven’t really had time yet to set up a shot or two using the new gear but hopefully this weekend I will have some time to play a bit.

Next on the list…a new MacBook Pro. From what I’m hearing though the new models won’t be coming until around Oct. 14th, so I have a little longer to wait on that. I’m not about to buy a machine like that only to have it replaced by a better one a week later. No thank you Mr. Jobs.

All the best,