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Wow, has it really been two whole months since my last update?

How you guys put up with my inconsistent blogging I’ll never know. All I can say is that if I had the time to sit down and blog, it would probably mean I wasn’t out shooting and that would be no good.

Full update after the jump…new photos included.

So what’s been up for the past couple of months? Well, those of you that follow me on twitter, flickr or facebook have probably seen me talk about all the stuff as it happened. Which makes me wonder if I can blog as easily from my phone as I can update those sites…I’ll have to check into it.

The flood situation is still in the hands of the insurance company…it’s taking forever and I’m not thrilled with them overall, but I suppose it could be much worse. Overall I got very lucky that so little was damaged.

Let’s talk about the exciting stuff though. Hmmmm….

Well, for starters there is a workshop coming up hosted by another KC photographer, Marc Grant. I will be teaching high-end retouching and editorial fashion photography. It’s a 2 day long workshop and reasonably priced considering what you can learn while you’re there. I can only speak for myself as far as curriculum is concerned but I guarantee that you will learn at least one thing that will change how you work. Plus, the location is a really cool 10,000 square foot studio with all sorts of interesting settings to shoot in and beautiful natural light.

Randee Jean

I’m obviously a little excited…it’s been a while since I got to teach a workshop.

Most of my time lately has been spent planning out concepts, booking new talent and working on some new developments in my own personal style.

More than anything I’m working hard to rebuild my presence in Kansas City now that I’m fully settled in. I forgot how much work it is to do that! There have definitely been some nights where my poor dog was a little lonely since he can’t come to help network.

I’ve been feeling like fitness modeling was going to be getting some attention soon so I’ve spent some time working towards an updated series of shots in that genre.

Erin Roper for Title Boxing

Erin Roper for Title Boxing

I have a few big shoots coming up with some very well known people…but as you all already know…I’m not blabbing until it’s shot. It’ll be cool though, and very different from what you’ve seen from me to date.

Randee Jean

In looking through the work that I post online, I’ve noticed that I generally show off the headshots or portraits more. I love portraiture because I love people but, I don’t like being one-dimensional. So I’m gonna change some things around and show another side for a bit I think.

But here’s another portrait anyway. 😛

Randee Jean

I did get one day where I had nothing to do but relax and it was great, I actually discovered a shoot that I had forgotten about!

Jessica Ahlborn

Jessica and I shot just before I moved back to KC, it was a great session. Finding it was like finding a pile of gold in my living room (ok slightly less cool, sorry Jess).

Well folks, I have to run. I’m in a rush every day lately but I’m glad I had a spare bit to let you all know my random news. I will try to post again soon.

Until then…go on an adventure!