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Went and picked up my new dog today around 4. I love him already.


According to the shelter he’s a Siberian Husky/wolf mix. I’m going to get a DNA test on him somewhere down the road just to know for sure.

He’s not the easiest little guy to take photos of, I can say that much for sure. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a young dog and I forgot about the curiosity they tend to have.

And the sharp little teeth.



I still haven’t decided on a name yet. “Koda” is looking like the most likely but I likeĀ  “Sokah” and “Okami” too. Someone mentioned “Logan” as well, and I kinda like that one too.

Who knows at this point. I still need to learn more about his personality before I decide.

He’s very quiet, in fact the only time I’ve heard him bark was when he discovered the little springy door-stopper thing.


We have lots of work to do, we got “sit” pretty well finished in under 10 minutes today, but things like “don’t bite and yank on my pants while I’m changing” will be a bit tougher I think.

Alright, my toes are being eaten. I’ll write more later.

G’night audience.