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I have never met a more laid back couple in my life.

Reagan and Dan have been the ideal bridal client every step of the way. They searched for a photographer that matched what they liked (glad it was me) and let me do what I do best…run around like a madman and take thousands of images.

Reagan Wynn and daughter prepare for the wedding day in Columbia, Missouri

At the beginning of the day I split up my photo-squad and sent my assistant Hector over to take shots of Dan while he was getting ready.

I’ve always thought it was interesting how different people handle the nervousness before a big event. Every bride I’ve worked with has stopped in the middle of getting ready and said something like “make me look beautiful, ok?” This happens without fail, and every time without fail I turn the camera around so they can see the images.

Reagan Wynn back lit by the afternoon sun as she looks over a wedding album.

All of the fears about how they look dissolve in that moment. I live for the expression on someone’s face when they see themselves the way I see them through my lens. It is the biggest reason I got into this business. Photographs are beyond powerful. What else can you look at in 50 years and get taken back to that one day in your life then feel it all over again?

Dan Wynn has an emotional moment during his Columbia, Missouri wedding

I’m getting sidetracked…back to the story.

Reagan was nearly ready to head to the ceremony, so I hopped in the car and left for the venue ahead of her. They got married at a local winery here in Central Missouri, called Les Bourgeois.

Wine glass at Les Bourgeois vineyard during Reagan and Dan Wynn's wedding. Photographed by David Bickley

It’s a beautiful location where the ceremony is held outside on a bluff overlooking the river. You will see how nice it is there when you look at the album slideshow later.

Garter from Reagan Wynn's wedding in Columbia, Missouri

I’m really anxious to show you that album now that I’ve already mentioned it, so I’ll say one more thing before I close out this blog entry. Dan and Reagan had a few setbacks on their wedding day (the cake was very late) but they took them all in stride and really enjoyed their wedding day.

Wynn Wedding

I think that’s an important attribute to have for ones own sanity, the ability to let stressful occurrences roll right off your back.

Now check out the album so you can see the rest of their images! Click here.

Dan and Reagan I wish you the best, and thank you for asking me to document this day for you. It was an honor.