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Aubrey and Lori Ghent are an undeniably talented group of Gospel performers. Aubrey, a versatile musician and pastor, plays lap steel guitar like nobody I’ve ever heard.

Lori’s voice is uplifting in every sense of the word. It pulls you onto your feet and claps your hands to it’s rhythm without your permission.

In fact, you know…well let’s just be honest here, I don’t make a living reviewing music. As a result I am not very good at articulating what I mean to relay about it. Yet, I love music in all it’s forms and though I wasn’t always able to pay as much attention to the music at this event as I may have liked to (attention that would have made this and many future reviews much better) I know when what I’m hearing is good music, and great talent.

So why don’t I just show you via the wonder of youtube:

So, now you see what I mean. They’re good. Plain and Simple.

When they were on, most of Columbia was still at work, and this is the crowd they had at the very beginning of their set.

Pretty good turn out for performing while half of your potential audience is still in their offices.