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The woman is a dancing machine. That’s my summation of Bettye Lavette.

She. Is. a. Dancing. Machine.

Wow. Yes, I know there are a lot of “wows” in my reviews of these shows. Can I help it that these artists are incredible? Probably not.

I can use a thesaurus to find other words to use besides “wow” though. Hit that read more link down below to see what I came up with.


All I could find in the thesaurus that made any sense was “knock someone‚Äôs socks off”. Well people my socks are off. I was so blown away I haven’t worn socks since the festival two weeks ago.

Yeah, that’s not true. I have worn socks, but I didn’t want to!

By the way, Bettye Lavette is also a brilliant singer. I highly recommend her music.

Check out her site here