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Yeah, so Buddy Guy was here at Roots n’ Blues… and he was good, no doubt. He was also probably the most famous person on stage the whole weekend.

That may be part of my issue here. Keep in mind this is nothing against Buddy Guy, he is an incredibly talented artist and I have the utmost respect for him. This is more about his people. One guy in particular, a Napoleonite (my own made up word) with long brown hair and a goatee that decided to try to drag me away from the stage by my shirt.

I understand that you’re doing your job dude but, there’s no reason to get physical. Just tap me on the shoulder and tell me what you want. I’m a professional, you’re a professional…let’s act like it, eh? Practically pushing someone down the stairs to the stage is not safe for anyone.

Thus concludes my brief rant. Aside from that incident, the show Buddy Guy put on was every bit as good as we all expected from him.

I’d love to see Buddy Guy come back next year, regardless of his tactless stage guy.