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I really enjoy when a performer can not only rock the house, but do it with a great sense of humor at the same time. Record Collector did just that.

All too often artists try to throw out a canned joke that they’ve obviously rehearsed and all it does is make me groan in agony. Some of the most memorable shows of my life have been when the performer had real, genuine wit.

Obviously it helps a ton when they are great musicians as well. The backup vocals weren’t overpowering like many can be.

And the saxophonist that you see above…WOW. Speaking as someone who tried (and failed miserably at) playing the saxophone, and someone who loves the sax I can safely say that I have never heard anyone play like this kid.

(please note the epic rock pose I captured)

Overall, as with practically every other show that I’m going to talk about over the coming weeks, I loved this band. They had great energy, the front-man had that sharp genuine wit that’s so vital to not making crappy jokes on stage. Most importantly, they rocked the crowd with some great music.