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Well readers, it is just after 11pm the Sunday after Columbia’s second annual Roots N’ Blues N’ BBQ festival, and like last year (before this blog was alive) I was in the thick of it. I had a blast, they put barriers up this year so us lowly photographers didn’t get trampled (thank you). As of this moment my lovely computer is putting the finishing touches on the 1,700 images I took over the 2-day festival. I’ve been giving it some thought, and I think it will be easiest to split up the images I want to show you by artist, rather than kill your internet connections with one huge post full of images.

There are a few that don’t fit that category though, like my hot air balloon ride over the city. So I’ll show you that now.

Two guys filling a hot air balloon

I’m not a huge fan of heights. I can handle it. I mean, we’re not talking paralyzing fear here but, they make me nervous. So, the thought of being ridiculously high in the air standing in what is basically a wooden bucket…I can think of more comfortable scenarios. Like, oh…standing on the ground for example. Though, it seems that when someone asks me “hey, wanna shoot from a hot air balloon?” the photographer in me takes over any sense I had and shouts “Yeah, why not.” My wobbly knees sound their distaste for this decision. Then I’m up in the air.

Aerial image of Columbia, Missouri

Once we were up, it got very quiet, very fast. Not because of anything ominous. It’s just that sound only travels so far, and there is a definite wall that you pass where there is near total silence. Cool doesn’t do the experience justice. So a big thank you for that opportunity.

Check out the crowd at the main stage.

I don’t even know how many people attended the festival, but that’s about half the crowd at that one stage, and there were three stages. Lots of people.

I’m going to wrap up for the night, come by again tomorrow for photos of the performances and artists.

All the best,