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Hey everyone,

First let me apologize for the amount of time that’s past since I last wrote here. I’ll be honest with you, that is the fair thing to do.

It has been very rough for me since my uncle died in late April. I’ve struggled to stay motivated and positive. I’m happy to say that’s when it’s been necessary I have pulled it together and my work has not suffered. I am still booking, still shooting, still working… yet my life is definitely different now. Anyone who has lost someone like a parent will understand. It knocks the wind out of your sails a bit.

Life is improving though, and everyday gets a little brighter. In the past month I’ve completed two personal web-projects. One is for my fiancee’s grandfather, a well known cartoonist who wanted a place to show his work. You can see it at The second is a clan site for a group of gamers, it’s got everything from a blog to a forum and online live chat system. Pretty neat stuff. That site is at I have one more personal web project in the works, but that one isn’t done yet, so you’ll have to wait a bit.

In photography news, I can finally show you some ads my work has been in (now that they’ve actually been printed and run a few times).

I did some shots for a local furniture showroom called Pavilion Furniture a few months back. Another designer here at the agency did the layout.

Pavilion Furniture showroom advertisement, photography by David Bickley

So, we have that one, which I believe ran in early March. Followed by this next one which ran shortly after.

Pavilion Furniture showroom advertisement, photography by David Bickley

On top of that development, there were a TON of graduations to go to last month. My cousin Shannon finished high school, so did my future brother in-law Cody. My very own Heather finished her bachelor’s in Strategic Communication from the University of Missouri Columbia as well.

I’m sure I’ll be posting the senior photos I shot of those three soon as well.

For now, let me say thanks for sticking around and checking in here even while I have been absent. It’s only uphill from here. After all, I’m still breathing and I’m still shooting, and those are both very good things.

Until next time friends,