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I hate that the last post I write for the year has to be a tragic one.

On the morning of December 26th, 2009 my Step-father Phil suffered a massive heart attack in his sleep. My mother found him in his bed.

I thought my family would have a longer reprieve after my uncle died, but this wasn’t enough time. I think the part that bothers me the most is that there were some really shitty people in my mom’s life before Phil came along. Liars, thieves, abusers…the works. She finally found a man that deserved her and barely had any time with him. He cared for her like nobody I’ve ever known.

Moreover Phil did so much to help other people that he never took the time to handle his own needs. Never went to the doctor, never took a day off, never got himself life insurance just in case. All these things were put on the back burner because other people needed his hand. Giving is a great thing, don’t get me wrong. I just think there should always be time taken to tend to your own needs.

If you don’t, how can you continue to help anyone?

Maybe we all just think we have plenty of time. How can we be so sure? I was talking to Phil a mere 12 hours before he died. There was no sign that I could see.

Maybe we see ourselves as invincible.

Maybe we’re just to scared to take precautions.

It makes no sense to die out of fear of illness.

It makes even less to leave your family alone because you were too busy taking care of them.

Here’s the second reason I hate having to write this post:

I’ve spent the last couple of days making a website ( to celebrate the man that gave my mom so much love and joy. Phil’s death put my family into instant debt due to the lack of life insurance. If you know me, you know how much I hate to ask for assistance like this…but I have nothing left to give.

There is a donate button at the top of his site. All of the proceeds from that will go to assist in paying for his funeral and other bills he left behind. You don’t have to give money, there is a section on the site where you can just leave a kind word if you want. Anything would mean the world.


In closing, I’m going to ask you to do one last thing. Not for us this time, but for yourself and your own family. New years day is 2 days away. More often than not we make our resolutions and hit the ground running but burn out within a week or two. I challenge you to make a real change this year. It’s the start of a new decade and it’s time to become something different. Lose the weight you’ve been meaning to lose, spend time with the people you haven’t seen in too long, get the better job, the happier lifestyle you’ve always wanted and for once…don’t stop until you’ve done it, don’t take no for an answer, don’t get off the treadmill because it’s hard. More people need you than you think and if nothing else, you owe them that much.

If you need help with getting there…shoot me a message and I’ll find some resources to help you accomplish your goals. Just do whatever it takes to get that goal accomplished.

Thus ends my rant.

Take care of yourselves my audience,