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I’ve been thinking about this for the past couple of weeks and come to the conclusion that I’m not going to make any resolutions this year. There isn’t some act of rebellion going on here, it’s more because I don’t have much I want to fix in my life. Instead, I have things that I want to achieve. The word “resolution” to me sounds a whole lot like “resolve” which is what you do when you have a problem…strive to resolve it. So rather than discover problems in order to set a resolution in place, I think I’d rather set goals.

I’ve come up with 30 of them! Some of them don’t have a time-frame outside of “before I die.” So here we go…

  1. Listen carefully when God speaks.
  2. Shoot more for me. Which means I need to start carrying a camera around all the time, not just for work.
  3. Visit every state.
  4. Concept and shoot at least 6 new projects (this year).
  5. Finish learning Italian.
  6. Change the life of at least one person I’ve never met before (for the better).
  7. Wake up by 8am every morning.
  8. Find a way to incorporate all of my interests and various skills into my work as one.
  9. Visit Ireland, and then Chang Mai.
  10. Meet someone that I can fully share my creative passions with.
  11. Go as a cinema quality “The Lord of Darkness” from Legend for Halloween. I would also settle for the Predator.
  12. Finish writing my book.
  13. Shoot and post at least one new photo a day.
  14. Learn to knit.
  15. Fly a MiG-29.
  16. As an addition to #8, I want to meet the other David Bickley that lives in Ireland. I get his email all the time.
  17. Finally find a large piece of art that I want to hang over my mantle.
  18. Swim in the ocean.
  19. Learn a new style of dance.
  20. Photograph something underwater.
  21. Visit the Kuroshio Sea tank in Japan.
  22. Explore a “haunted” place.
  23. Climb to the top of the Iga mountains.
  24. Pay for a house in cash.
  25. Save a life.
  26. Swim with dolphins.
  27. Meet, have a conversation with, and photograph the Dalai Llama.
  28. Teach Sokah to howl like a wolf.
  29. Find a way to pay back all of the help my family has given me over the years.
  30. Live a life full of meaning and happiness.

There are a few of these that I will fail at repeatedly…like #7, because right now it’s 3:45 am and there’s no way on Earth I’ll make it out of bed in 5 hours. I will set my alarm though and we shall see. Then there are others that I am already very close to completing.

Overall, I like this approach. It seems to fit me. In keeping with #13, how about I show you something I literally just finished!

As it turns out, I still have about 30 days left before I can show you the stuff that just got published. Rest assured though, as soon as I can I will show you.

Alright friends, it’s time for me to call it a night. Lots to do tomorrow, including making arrangements for my shoot in LA in March.

All the best,