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After I started talking about things I would do in the new year. I started thinking “I’m going to do something this year, that I haven’t done in many years”, and as a result I’ve decided to hand out a bunch of free shoots.

So, here’s what I’m doing:

10 free full-day modeling shoots ( 5 random people, 5 of my choosing )

1 free wedding.

“So how do I get this deal David?”

I’ll tell you. In the upper right corner of this website is a button that says “contact me”. You click that and fill out the contact form with the subject line “free photos”, in the message box…tell me a story. Tell me who you are and why you want to shoot with me (yes “because it’s free” is acceptable, I suppose)

I’m going to give this until the end of February. Then I will choose the winners and post them here.

David Bickley, Professional Photographer