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I wanted to take a break from my projects today, to tell you all a little story about my morning.

It started like any other morning. I tossed and turned moments before my alarm went off just like any other day. When the alarm did go off, I went across the room and hit the snooze just like any other day. I did this several times over the course of a half hour, just like any other day. When I finally did get out of bed, I shuffled around my house in half-sleeping “zombie mode”, again just like any other day.

As I continued my morning routine, I ended up in the bathroom to get ready for my glorious day. This, my friends was not like any other day. You see, last night my lovely fiancรฉ moved some things around. So on this beautiful seemingly normal morning, something devious lay in wait.

I went about my business, getting clean, brushing my manly hairdo, getting dressed, brushing my teeth… ah yes, brushing my teeth.

I bought a new kind of toothpaste last week. You know the kind that are in the tubes that stand on end? Very convenient, takes up less room, needs less effort to get the toothpaste out. All-in-all, a good tube. I grabbed my toothbrush, and toothpaste from the left side of the sink (where I always keep them). I applied the paste to the brush and proceeded to clean my pearly whites.

As I brush (still somewhat asleep) my mind is going over all of the things I need to get done today when I realize that something is missing. Something isn’t quite right with the world at this exact moment.

I stop brushing and think for a moment.

What’s missing?

Where is the minty-clean flavor in my mouth?




I glance down at my toothpaste tube. Except, where is my toothpaste tube? How did it get on the right side of the sink?

What was that on the left then?

Oh no.

Hair gel.