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I was doing so well on updating consistently. Then as per usual, I get busy and the blog is the victim.

So here’s what been up this week, and in a way I suppose this can be an outline for what posts will be coming soon. Innovation!

On the 15th I photographed a reception for two really cool people that tied the knot on 08-08-08. The wedding was spontaneous, the reception was very well planned. Aaron and Jori Rose… the ultimate hosts.

On the 16th Heather and I celebrated our 3 year aniversary (which is technically on the 26th). She wanted to plan the whole shebang and she did a great job. We went to the Jazz Masters series at Murray’s and then back home where she had a personal chef waiting with our phenomenal dinner. I’m a lucky guy.

Monday was monday, and therefore sucked.

Tuesday was not Monday and was much better as a result.

Wednesday was a local charity auction/fashion show.

Annnnnnnd today was non-stop action. Did a little corporate photography, a little jewelry photography… Ok, so I’m minimizing it a bit, they weren’t little but they were wrapped up ahead of schedule and everyone was happy, which makes me happy.

I absolutely cannot wait to show you all the photos from today, and earlier in the week.

I’m trying super hard not to let the blog stay idle.

Thanks for all of your support, on here and through all the other places.

All the best,