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This page houses a project spanning 5 years. It began in 2010 as a self-imposed challenge; A daily way of keeping myself accountable to the building of my business, and honing of my craft. When it came to a close in 2015 it felt more like a documentation of my professional evolution, and a glimpse of me while transitioning into my 30’s.


And so I give you “the daily photographer.”

Daily Photographer – Day 1

So on my list of goals I said I wanted to shoot and post something new on a daily basis. For today I want to show you all something I finished late last night. If we’re friends on facebook you’ve probably already seen it but on here I can post larger versions, so look anyway!

On my list yesterday I also put that I wanted to start combining all of the things I do into my work…what better way to start than by adding design and drawing to my photography? I’ve done stuff like this before for clients but I figure I might as well use these elements for myself too.

I was up nice and late last night and I think my eyes are a tad unhappy with the amount of time I’ve spent in front of this monitor….I feel a nap coming on!

That’s what Sunday’s are for anyway right?

Talk to you tomorrow public,


Daily Photographer – Day 2

Mmmmm. I love the smell of consistency in the morning.

I’ll admit, I’m intimidated by the prospect of having to come up with new work on a daily basis by pulling ideas out of the ether…but I like this. It’s already challenging and already totally fulfilling. It’s forcing me to make the time to do the ideas I’ve been sitting on for years.

Believe me when I say that we haven’t even scratched the surface of what I’m planning to produce for you all. By the way, add me on facebook if you haven’t already they’ve been getting sneak peeks of this stuff before I post it on the blog.

I haven’t been to sleep since my last post (which means I never took my nap), so I’m off to get pummeled by the sandman.

Goodnight fellow interneters,


Daily Photographer – Day 3

There was one more shot I wanted to give this energy look to, so here is today’s piece.

Tomorrow will be fresh and different! Although I’m out shooting some magazine work tomorrow so we’ll see how this goes with the dual deadlines. The challenges continue!

I don’t think my blog has seen this much updating…well…ever!

Kinda feels good.

Until tomorrow,


Daily Photographer – Day 4

Here we go folks, today’s piece! I hope you enjoy it, I had a blast making it.

I can’t stay to write much more cause I have a shoot in about 30 minutes.

Hope you all have a great day!


Daily Photographer – Day 5

I’ve been waffling back and forth about this all day long. Which direction do I want to go with today’s shot? You all have given me such a great response about the new work over the past 4 days but all of that has been heavily processed. While I do love doing that kind of work I also like capturing reality as I see it.

I think we need to mix it up a bit so some days I’m going to show you the world through my eyes…and some days I’ll show you the world I see when I close them.

Today is a “real” day.

Albeit augmented with a small design to help ease the transition 😛

Ladies and gents, we’re on a roll. Things are moovin’, life is groovin and I will see you all again…tomorrow!

Do something new today!



Daily Photographer – Day 6

Today is a natural shot day. It’s mainly ’cause I have too many shoots today to give you anything else.

With that, I have to run…gotta be downtown at the Lyric asap.

Til tomorrow!


Daily Photographer – Day 7

Here’s to the first full week of daily posts! I’m pretty happy about this. I thought about making each week have a theme but I’m not sure yet. Today though, I want to show you a more intimate shot from my session with Lydia and Zonte.

I have one more to show you from this set. It’s not done yet though, which is why you get a different one today!

Time to tend to the castle now, I wish it were spring so I could open the windows while I clean.


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